SRPP: Prosodic cues in broad, narrow and contrastive focus in Persian

Mortaza Taheri-Ardali (Department of English, Shahrekord University, Iran & Senior research fellow at CRC Prominence in Language, IfL Phonetics, University of Cologne, Germany)
14 April 2023, 14h0015h30

Focus and its effects on sentence prosody have been the subject of numerous studies in different languages. Persian prosodic focus was previously dealt with in some experimental studies. These studies, however, investigated the influence of only one focus condition, namely contrastive focus, on the production of an utterance. In addition, the methods used to elicit this focus condition are mostly based on read speech and may not mirror the processes involved in spoken interaction. To fill this gap, the current research scrutinizes the prosodic cues in different focus types in Persian, namely, broad, narrow, and contrastive focus (accented), in relation to the background situation (unaccented). We address this issue in a detailed analysis concentrating on both laryngeal (intonational f0 movements) and supralaryngeal articulations (lingual and labial articulation of consonants and vowels). In this colloquium, the initial results from the acoustic part of the project will be presented and discussed in light of the existing literature. This endeavor as a collaborative study is part of SFB 1252 Prominence in Language.