SRPP: Lexical-semantic organization in the developing brain

INCC, Université de Paris & CNRS
10 November 2023, 14h0015h30

Until recently, there has been little evidence regarding how and when infants begin to integrate words into an inter-connected lexical-semantic system. Recent electrophysiological studies show that lexical-semantic system (activation of related words such as cat-horse) develops together with vocabulary during the second year of life in monolingual infants (Rämä et al., 2013; Rämä et al., 2018). Some evidence shows that lexical-semantic organization develops later in bilingual than in monolingual infants. Also, there is mixed evidence as to whether lexical-semantic activation occurs similarly in dominant and non-dominant languages in bilingual language learners (e.g., Sirri & Rämä, 2019). In my talk, I will present results regarding neurophysiological mechanisms underlying lexical-semantic development in monolingual and bilingual infants. I will also describe our recent findings on the effect of speaker familiarity on processing of word meanings.


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