Does Language have groove ?

Nom du projet : Does Language have groove ?

source de financement : The Leverhulme Trust

Responsable : Dr Tamara Rathcke, University of Kent, UK

Responsable LPP : Simone Falk

Partenaires : Pr Simone Dalla Bella, Université de Montréal

durée du projet : 2018-2021

Résumé :
Is language rhythmic ? For decades, linguists have been controversially debating this seemingly simple but profoundly important question that connects language with other aspects of human cognition. The present project is an original study of language rhythm from a cross-linguistic, typological perspective. The project’s innovative methodological approach capitalises on the recent advances made by music psychology and movement sciences in the understanding of rhythm through studying perception-action coupling in sensorimotor synchronisation tasks. The results will lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying rhythmic experience in language and a more elaborate linguistic concept of rhythm, ultimately helping to resolve the longstanding controversy.