Prosody AS a Dynamic COordinative DEvice


(PI: L., Lancia, en collaboration avec C. Portes, C. Petrone et C. Meunier pour le LPL et N. Audibert, C. Fougeron et A. Hermes pour le LPP) ANR-21-CE28-0015

Prosody AS a Dynamic COordinative DEvice / La prosodie comme dispositif dynamique de coordination

One of the factors which apparently complicates speech production is the presence of the prosodic structure which prescribes the manner of producing each sound according to its position in the syllable and according to the position of the syllable in larger prosodic constituents. If we do not adapt the production of each sound to its position in this structure, the meaning of our utterances will not be reconstituted by our interlocutors. In the PASDCODE project we test the idea that the presence of a prosodic structure, instead of being a factor that makes speech production more complex, simplifies it by promoting the emergence of complex rhythms that constrain the different body parts to behave organically in the achievement of linguistic goals. Two ideas drive our project: 1) If speech rhythm depends on the prosodic structure, cross-linguistic prosodic differences should be reflected by differences in terms of rhythmic features. 2) The characterization of the rhythmical dimensions in the speech of speakers affected by some motor language disorders and of more or less aged speakers will allow us to better understand the effects of these pathologies and of aging on speech production.