Predictive Timing in Speech Perception and Production

Nom du projet : Predictive Timing in Speech Perception and Production

source de financement : DFG (German Research Council)

Responsable : Pr Phil Hoole, de l’Institut de Phonétique et traitement de la parole, Université de Munich LMU

Responsable LPP : Simone Falk, LPP

Collaborateurs : Pr Simone Dalla Bella, Université de Montréal

durée du projet : 2017-2020

Résumé :
The present proposal addresses fundamental issues in how predictive timing is used to couple action and perception in speech. Our first aim is to investigate whether there is a common cognitive basis to predictive timing in speech and non-verbal behavior such as music, and the extent to which individuals vary in their predictive timing abilities across these domains. To this end, individual predictive timing profiles (i.e., event-based and duration-based timing mechanisms) in perception and production with verbal and non-verbal auditory stimuli will be established. These profiles will be related to the behavior of speakers when predictive timing in speech is disrupted. This is investigated by focusing on predictive timing deficits in stuttering and adaptive behavior to auditory feedback manipulation. With respect to stuttering, our second aim is to develop a unified model of predictive timing in speech production of typically fluent individuals and persons who stutter.